Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mooooving Forward!

I realise I haven't written in a very, very long time. Its December, and nearly Christmas! I'm very excited, I think Christmas is my very favourite time of year... I hope it treats you all well!
So, I started school full time again in September! It's going quite well, I took my mocks recently... C in Maths, U in Religious Education (don't ask why I failed soo badly, I don't even know...), D in Chemistry (or an E, I can't remember, but I think it's a D) and an A in my Biology! I try to focus on the A in Biology and just hide from the rest of the big red or green marks on the other papers... The scary marks of my future all just on some pieces of paper! Arghhh!
So, anyway. My life has been kind of hectic recently, all revision and school and illness and teenage angst/drama. It's good to be back, haha.
I'd kind of forgotten just how stressful teenage life is... I remember at the beginning of term, half the time I was just screaming "I want to be at home, hiding under the covers!!" in my head, while I tried to get back into timetables, and controlled assessments and the worst of all... EARLY MORNINGS!!
I guess it's a good kind of stressful, not the kind that makes me want to rip my eyes out of their sockets and lie in a cardoard box in the rain kind of stressful... more a kind of normal stressful. Like, a stressful that I NEED to experience. Keeps my head clear, if that makes sense.
 So, big news. I had my three monthly scans in November, and then got called back... They might'e found something again. It's no real biggie, it could be absolutely nothing! They're just checking! And even if it IS something, its just the same thing over again... well, with a few different things, of course. Ah, Life. Thou art a cold hearted wench when thou wants to be...
I've discovered ear cuffs. Which are basically teeny cuffs (of all sorts of gorgeous patterns and shapes) that clip onto the top of the ear. So my ear is quite red at the top from wearing them too much. They pinch a bit, but they look so cool!
I also am loving "The Power of Love", and although I do love the Gabrielle Aplin version, I have a soft spot for the old Frankie Goes to Hollywood original... But I have both of them, for whatever mood I happen to be in. Make Love your goal, y'all! I hope you're all enjoying Christmas, and that you all get what you wish for!
Lots of love to all you beautiful human beings,
(Im not Bald anymore so changing it to Teenager) Befuddled, and in the Christmas spirit, Teenager!
Mwah! xoxo